L'Art Du Fromage


Melted Cheeses on the Burner 

3 Melted Cheeses with White Wine & Seasoning. 

Enjoy a combination of Emmental, Gruyere & Brie Cheese melted slowly in White Wine & Seasoning. Served with New Potatoes & our famous diced bread of Le Chalet.


Gather with friends for this great comfort Food!


Melt your Cheese on Candlelight Burner 

Raclette is an Alpine Cow Milk Cheese that is used for melting. 

At Le Chalet, we use candlelight burner to extend your dining experience with your company. It's designed to melt slowly to top sliced French Baguettes, Grilled New Potatoes & Selection of Cured Meats or Charcuterie (Prosciutto, Salami, Pastrami & Carvery Ham).

Le Chalet


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