Dear Customer,


Covid 19 decided that it's staying for a bit longer so we will have to adapt to the current situation and as always we have your wellbeing in our heart as well as the wellbeing of our staff. So we decided on the following measures 

We decreased our capacity to 29 customers instead of 50

Kitchen staff will be wearing masks while dealing with food. 

Our front staff will put a timer on their phones to wash their hands every 30 min for 20 sec and they will wear a mask whenever they approach your table. 

Hand sanitising gels are available throughout the whole venue beside the entry and the exit. 

Deep Cleaning will be undertaken end of the day and beginning of the day for the front. 

Every table and every chair will be sanitised after every customer. 

Staff temperature will be taken before their shift. 

Here what we ask you:

Please make a booking whenever possible.

Please wear a mask coming in, leaving or going to the toilet.

Please keep the toilet visits to the minimum, if you need just hand wash please use the hand gel closest to you. 

In case you need the toilet please follow procedures on the back of the door. 

Please accept staff taking your details if you didn't make a booking. 

Please tolerate us to take your temperature. 

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