This caffeine-free infusion is a fresh, hydrating blend of flowers and fruit creating a sweet and floral brew. It brews the most amazing red/pink colour and is the perfect blend to make sweet iced tea with or to drink warm on a chilly evening.


This infusion is made from a blend of Hibiscus, orange flowers, rosehip, sea buckthorn berries & lemon verbena. Each ingredient chosen for it unique flavour and health boosting properties. Hibiscus for example not only tastes a bit like cranberries but it is also a known diuretic. To compliment the tart Hibiscus we added sweet rosehip and sea buckthorn berries (naturally high in vitamin C and are often used in health products) and for a zesty kick to finish it off we added orange flowers and lemon verbena.

100% natural ingredients and caffeine-free.

Hibiscus 125g

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