We combine a high quality whole leaf Assam TGFOP with authentic natural ingredients to bring you our warming and delicious Spiced Chai.  It brews to a beautiful golden brown colour, with the wonderful combination of rich aromas.

Chai is actually the Hindu word for tea and so “Spiced Chai” is the perfect name for this blend as that’s exactly what it is, spiced tea! As is tradition cardamom is one of the most dominant flavours after the lovely maltiness of the Assam black tea and it is given heat by the peppercorns, fennel and ginger, and sweetness from the cinnamon.

You can brew your Spiced Chai in a few different ways. You can make it just like a cup of loose leaf black tea by brewing a pot and adding milk if required. Or you can make your own “Spiced Chai Latte” by heating milk up in a pan together with some loose Spiced Chai and slowly cooking the tea in the milk. Add honey or brown sugar to sweeten things up and once it the milk has turned to a latte colour, strain the tea leaves and other ingredients and serve the flavoured milk.

Indian Spiced Tea 250g

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